The Centre for Ethics, Law & Society (CELS) is jointly hosted by Cardiff University and the University of Adelaide.

The research centre acts as a point of connection for researchers exploring themes around ethics, regulation and society. Research themes enjoying special prominence within the Centre and reflecting a strong concentration of work by its researchers, include:

  • bioethics
  • healthcare law
  • health-related policy.

Research activity within the Centre reflects a genuine commitment to interdisciplinary and international approaches.

Our aims

CELS holds two main aims, the first is to develop and foster a strong cross-institutional network of researchers and practitioners – the Centre encourages all visitors to its pages, to connect, discuss and debate.

The second interconnected aim is to help facilitate and encourage informed public debate of key developments in bioethics and healthcare policy. We aspire for members of the Centre and its broader network to create a shared resource here for which members of the public are identified as major beneficiaries.

The Centre receives sponsorship and support from the University of Adelaide, and also collaborates with scholars from a range of UK, European and internationally based universities.